Screw Retained Implant Crown

Screw Retained Implant Crown

These screw-retained restorations offer predictable retention, ease of retrievability, and reduced risk of residual cement. Easily removed, these implant crowns provide convenient access for restoration cleaning, and assessment of the soft tissue and adjacent teeth.


RETRIEVABILITY - No damage occurs upon removing crown 
REDUCED - Risk of residual cement


The main advantage is retrievability. The crown is not only recoverable, but no damage occurs upon removal of the crown. In the event of loosening or fracture, the crown can easily be removed. Cleaning, screw replacement and assessment of surrounding tissue is also possible. Many dental professionals consider a yearly cleaning and replacement of screws a prudent approach. The longer the span, the more important salvaging becomes. Most dental professionals believe a long restorative span, cantilever or full arch dictates screw-retained crowns. To recover a crown or change a screw for maintenance, the restoration is removed, the cotton pellet is removed and the screw is accessed. Once repairs and/or alterations are concluded, the screw is torqued, a new cotton pellet is placed and composite or acrylic is used to seal the opening.



Product Information

Production Time: 
5 Days

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