BioMax3D Hypoallergenic Splints

The semi-translucent thermoplastic resin does not absorb water and is resistant to stains, bacteria, and odors.

DayLite Thin Feather-Weight Splint

The thin polypropylene-ethylene copolymer stent is formed over the digital model with acrylic added to generate occlusion. This feather-weight day guard is fabricated on the lower arch.

Deprogramming Appliance

This upper hard acrylic splint has a small anterior stop to interfere with muscle function and deprogram occlusion. The lower incisors contact the ramp to hold teeth apart and separated. 

Gelb Splint

A lower acrylic appliance designed to open the bite and reposition jaws to achieve an ideal TMJ relationship. The Gelb splint consists of a prosthetic lingual bar and posterior occlusal acrylic. 

NTI Splint

This anterior NTI splint is designed to deprogram jaws and occlusion by separating and holding posterior teeth apart. The thick anterior ramp acts as a stop to keep teeth out of occlusion.

Orthotic Splint

The Orthotic splint acts as a diagnostic tool to establish the pre-prosthetic bite and jaw relationship. This appliance can be removable or bonded and is designed with anatomical occlusion for function. 


This new CAD-CAM manufactured Nightguard is strong but flexible for patient comfort. Our Digital Light-Synthesis 3D Printing Technology provides unparalleled detail and precision!

Repositioning Splint

The upper repositioning splint holds the mandible forward to align TMJ function. This hard acrylic appliance has an anterior incline plane to guide the lower jaw to the comfortable position. 

Soft Splint

This pressure formed polyethylene material provides a soft biting surface to give relief from bruxism and TMJ pain. The thin clear vinyl offers a temporary solution for transitioning into hard acrylic.

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