Sleep Appliances

Dorsal Sleep Appliance

This sleep treatment consists of upper and lower interlocking appliances. The Dorsal has adjustable side screws to calibrate the mandibular advancement and calibrate airway opening. Palate Pleazer Ready

EMA Sleep Appliance

The Elastic Mandibular Advancement Appliance treats snoring and sleep apnea by holding the mandible forward with elastic straps. These elastic straps come in a variety of lengths and durometers.

Herbst Sleep Appliance

The Herbst sleep appliance holds the mandible forward to open the airway. This mechanism uses telescoping hinges for function, and spacers for adjustment of jaw position.

OrthoApnea Sleep Appliance

The OrthoApnea appliance is a splint type solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea treatment. The appliance mechanism allows for milimetric controlled advancement and has an adjustable sliding central bar and bilateral tracks.

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