Removable Appliances

Anterior Spring Retainer

This appliance is used to align the maxillary or mandibular anterior teeth without fixed braces. The anterior teeth are reset and the Spring Retainer is constructed on the treatment set-up.

Clearline Aligners

Clear aligners are designed for the cosmetic correction of misaligned teeth. A series of progressive tooth arrangement set-ups are created and Clearline trays are fabricated for dental correction.

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Crossbite Screw Appliance

The removable acrylic appliance applies forces to rotate and move anterior teeth forward over the bite. An expansion screw with posterior occlusal acrylic is activated to labialize teeth and jump crossbite. Palate Pleazer Ready

Crossbite Spring Appliance

This crossbite appliance acts to move teeth labially out of crossbite. The removable appliance design uses posterior bite blocks and finger springs to apply pressure for labial movement over crossbite. Palate Pleazer Ready

Essix Retainer

Clear retainers are placed to hold the treated orthodontic results from relapse. The thin, clear Essix material is pressure-formed over the dentition to esthetically retain teeth without labial wires.

Hawley Retainer - Lower

The lower retainer holds the teeth to their corrected orthodontic positions. An active labial bow may also act to achieve minor tooth movements and refinements. Palate Pleazer Ready

Hawley Retainer - Upper

A Hawley appliance is used to retain teeth in their new position following orthodontic treatment. The archwire is used for preventative, interceptive, and limited corrective orthodontics. Palate Pleazer Ready

Hawley Spring Retainer

The Spring Hawley retainer is designed to correct minor rotations of anterior teeth. This removable, self-activating appliance also utilizes a treatment set-up for anterior alignment. Palate Pleazer Ready

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner™ utilizes a corrected set-up arrangement of the teeth for the treatment of misaligned anteriors. Niti coil springs with active lingual and labial components apply gentle steady forces. Palate Pleazer Ready

Wrap Around Retainer

The fully adapted labial archwire incorporates 2 adjustment loops and extends to the second molars. This appliance is excellent for retaining orthodontic cases and preventing relapse. Palate Pleazer Ready

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