Functional Appliances

3 Screw Combination Appliance

The Combination appliance provides lateral and sagittal arch development to relieve crowding. This 3 screw appliance has occlusal acrylic, and combines 1 transverse and 2 sagittal expanders. Palate Pleazer Ready

3D Screw Expansion Appliance

A 3D screw expander offers 3-way development of the maxillary dental arch. The screw mechanism both widens posteriors and retroclines anteriors for division II and expansion cases. Palate Pleazer Ready

Acrylic Splint Herbst

The Acrylic Splint HerbstĀ® utilizes removable or bonded acrylic splint designs and bite jumping hinges for mandibular advancement. These telescoping hinges slide and function while applying orthopedic correction.Ā 

Bioblock Appliance

A Bioblock is used to expand the upper arch and posture the lower jaw forward. This appliance utilizes 1 expansion screw, cross-over wires, and 30 degree posterior inclined planes to develop the lower arch. Palate Pleazer Ready


The Bionator is used to correct Class II malocclusions by advancing the mandible and opening the bite. An acrylic anterior cap and posterior acrylic stops act to reposition the lower jaw. Palate Pleazer Ready

Cantilever Herbst

The Cantilever Herbst appliance utilizes bite jumping hinges to reposition the mandible forward for Class II correction. It uses stainless steel crowns and cantilever arms with hinges to advance the lower jaw.

Fan Expansion Appliance

This Fan expansion appliance is designed to treat a v-shaped dental arch by rounding out the anterior dentition. It consists of a hinge and a pivoting expansion screw for sectional widening of the maxillary arch. Palate Pleazer Ready

Frankel Appliance

A removable orthodontic appliance designed to achieve total facial balance in the growing patient. Its acrylic shields obstruct abnormal function and allow for the establishment of harmonious functional patterns. Palate Pleazer Ready

Jackson Appliance

This lower arch development appliance widens the dental arch and uprights posterior segments. A heavy body wire is activated to provide expansion and uprighting of the mixed dentition. Palate Pleazer Ready

Mara Appliance

The "Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance" advances the lower jaw to encourage forward growth. This fixed appliance has upper and lower 1st molar stainless steel crowns with an elbow and loop mechanism.

Nord Expansion - Unilateral

The Nord appliance offers controlled unilateral expansion of the palate and teeth. A single transverse expansion screw and an acrylic anchorage flange act to apply localized forces for unilateral correction. Palate Pleazer Ready

Orthopedic Corrector

The Orthopedic Corrector treats Class II cases and allows for gradual advancement of the mandible. The 2 side screws are activated for additional mandibular repositioning and accelerated growth. Palate Pleazer Ready

Phase II Twin Block

The Phase II support appliance acts to retain the class II Twin Block correction. An upper hawley design with an anterior incline retains the mandible forward and allows for continued posterior eruption. Palate Pleazer Ready

Sagittal Appliance - Lower

A lower Sagittal appliance is designed for molar uprighting or anterior development of the mandibular arch. 2 side screws are expanded to move dentition in a sagittal direction. Palate Pleazer Ready

Sagittal Appliance - Unilateral

This unilateral expander is used for posterior space regaining when arch length is lost due to premature loss of dentition. A single unilateral expansion screw applies forces to move teeth distally. Palate Pleazer Ready

Sagittal Appliance - Upper

The Sagittal is utilized to achieve anterior development and/or distallization of the posterior segments. The 2 expansion screws are activated to expand in an anterior/posterior direction. Palate Pleazer Ready

Schwarz Appliance - Lower

The lower Schwarz develops the mandibular arch and uprights molars in the mixed dentition. 1 expansion screw is used to gently apply forces for lateral development. Palate Pleazer Ready

Schwarz Appliance - Upper

This upper expansion appliance widens the maxillary arch and provides arch development. The single expansion screw and cross-over wires act to expand dentition and align anterior teeth. Palate Pleazer Ready

Split Plate - Upper

A Split Plate expansion appliance designed to widen the maxillary dental arch. Midline expansion screws are activated to increase arch width, and relieve crowding and posterior crossbites. Palate Pleazer Ready

Tandem Bow Traction Appliance

This fixed Class III correction appliance acts to widen the maxillary arch while retracting the mandible. The appliance design uses an upper RPE screw and elastics with the traction bow to halt mandibular growth. Palate Pleazer Ready

Transverse Appliance - Lower

The lower Transverse appliance is used for lateral development of the mandibular dental arch. A single midline screw acts to upright posterior segments and widen the mandibular arch. Palate Pleazer Ready

Twin Block Appliance

The Twin Block appliance is designed to expand the arches and treat Class II malocclusions. It consists of removable appliances with interlocking posterior bite blocks to posture the lower jaw forward and open the bite. Palate Pleazer Ready

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