Fixed Appliances

3D Lingual Arch

The 3D lingual Arch is a removable adjustable lingual archwire. It is designed to increase the Anterior-Posterior arch length, for lateral expansion, and for distal molar movement. 

Banded Haas RME Appliance

The Banded Haas RME appliance provides excellent orthopedic expansion of the maxillary arch. The partial acrylic palatal coverage applies increased force to the skeletal base, thus minimizing dental tipping.

Banded Hyrax RME Appliance

The RME achieves rapid expansion and separation of palatal sutures. A heavy expansion screw welded to bands, usually on first bicuspids and first molars, is frequently activated to widen the maxilla.

Bilateral Space Maintainer

This lingual arch is designed to maintain arch length and keep space. The carefully adapted arch wire extends bilaterally and is welded to bands on the E's or 1st molars.

Bluegrass Thumb Sucking Appliance

The Bluegrass appliance uses a teflon roller bead to interfere with thumb activity and break the suction seal. This bead spins on a heavy wirework frame to remind patient and correct habit.


Bonded Haas RME Appliance

A fixed Bonded RME appliance designed for maximum skeletal and dental expansion. The full palatal acrylic coverage applies strong developmental forces to the palatal alveolar ridges.

Bonded Hyrax RME Appliance

This bonded Hyrax has an RME expansion screw and a wire-reinforced acrylic splint for upper expansion. Cemented to the posterior teeth, this appliance expands the upper arch while controlling vertical increase. 

Bonded Lingual Retainer

A Bonded Lingual retainer holds and retains the lingual of the anterior teeth. The closely adapted lingual wire is welded to mesh pads and bonded to cingulum of the canines.

Ceramic Bonding Brackets

The aesthetic Ceramic bonding brackets are designed for maximum patient acceptance and compliance. Once bonded, the bracket becomes virtually undetectable.

Distal Jet Appliance

A Distal Jet is a fixed lingual appliance that is used to move upper teeth distally. The Class II correction and space regaining treatment uses palatal acrylic and a solid track wire with two sets of adjustable locking screws on each side. 

Lower Fixed Sagittal

This active fixed appliance applies forces to move teeth in a sagittal direction and increase arch length. The heavy body wire and a light adjustable auxiliary wire are attached to molar bands. 

Metal Bonding Brackets

Metal Bonding brackets are available in many brands and specifications and may be supplied individually or on a case-by-case basis. Place brackets manually or select indirect bonding for ideal positioning.

Molar Bands

Orthodontic bands are fit and carefully adapted to stone models and supplied for construction of space maintainers and   fixed appliances.  The stainless steel material is manufactured in a variety of sizes to average tooth anatomy.

Molar Bands and Brackets

Choose Brackets and Buccal Tubes  from a wide variety of prescripton specifications. These Brackets are precisely laser welded to stainless steel bands or crowns for fixed orthodontic treatment. 

Nance Appliance

The Nance acrylic palatal button acts as anchorage to hold back upper molars. An acrylic vault is joined by a lingual wire attached to molar bands designed to prevent the mesial drift of posterior teeth.

Pendex Appliance

This active Pendex appliance expands the upper arch and distalizes molars. It consists of bands on premolars and molars with a palatal acrylic button and TMA springs for distalization. Palate Pleazer Ready

SmartSmile Computerized Bracket Positioning for Indirect Bonding

The clear indirect two-part matrix can be used with both light and self cure bonding systems.

Thumb Sucking Appliance

The Thumb Sucking appliance utilizes palatal prongs designed to cause discomfort and break the suction. This vertical crib with spikes is welded to molar bands to interfere with digit sucking and break habit .

Tongue Thrust Appliance

A wire crib prevents patient from pushing and thrusting on anterior teeth with tongue. The metal framework, attached to first molar bands, distracts tongue function and acts as a reminder. 

Unilateral Space Maintainer

The Unilateral Space Maintainer holds space following the premature loss of a tooth. A U-shaped loop is welded to an orthodontic band to maintain posterior tooth positions and allow for eruption of permanent teeth.

V-Loop Bonded Retainer

The V-Loop retainer is bonded to the anteriors to precisely retain the orthodontic positions of upper or lower dentition. This light wire is shaped and fit to the lingual of all anterior teeth and luted for retention.

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