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3DNG Digital Splints and Guards

3DNG utilizes a complete digital workflow for CADCAM manufacturing of guards.Custom design software, computerized manufacturing, and innovative new materials offer unparalleled detail and precision!

Appliance Insurance

An appliance replacement program helps improve the patient-doctor relationships. In the event of loss or irreparable damage, the appliance will be replaced for a fee of $42.00 each, while repairs will be processed for $24.00 each.

ClearBow Retainer

The ClearBow is an aesthetic component used in the fabrication of retainers and other types of orthodontic appliances.

Clearline Aligners

Clear aligners are designed for the cosmetic correction of misaligned teeth. A series of progressive tooth arrangement set-ups are created and Clearline trays are fabricated for dental correction.

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Computerized Cephalometric Tracing and Analysis

Our Dolphin Imaging software allows us to trace and analyze cephalometric radiographs and create progress superimpositions quickly and accurately.

D-SAD Sleep Apnea Device

The D-SAD appliance is an effective treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Manufactured using CAD-CAM technology, this device holds the lower jaw forward.


Our new fully-digital PMMA night guard is crystal clear, thin and lightweight, and biocompatible.

Digital Orthodontic Study Models

New technology allows us to accept digital impressions, or scan your models and create Digital Orthodontic Study Models. Your completed 3D digital files are returned electronically for viewing, diagnosis, or archiving.

DuraBite3D Digital Hard Acrylic Splint

This new milled acetal resin guard is extremely strong and wear-resistant.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner™ utilizes a corrected set-up arrangement of the teeth for the treatment of misaligned anteriors. Niti coil springs with active lingual and labial components apply gentle steady forces. Palate Pleazer Ready

Palate Pleazers

Our appliance personalizing system offers exciting new colour, glitter, picture and design combinations. Choose your designs to create your own personalized orthodontic appliances from our examples.

SmartSmile Computerized Bracket Positioning for Indirect Bonding

The clear indirect two-part matrix can be used with both light and self cure bonding systems.

Twin Block Appliance

The Twin Block appliance is designed to expand the arches and treat Class II malocclusions. It consists of removable appliances with interlocking posterior bite blocks to posture the lower jaw forward and open the bite. Palate Pleazer Ready

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