Acrylic Surgical Implant Guide

This clear acrylic Implant guide is used in planning implant placement positioning for ideal location of final restorations.

Barium Sulphate Implant Stent

The barium sulphate implant stent is radio-opaque for xray visibility and confirmation.

Implant Models - Resin Printed

Transmit your digital impression scans to us and we will design and print accurate 3D resin implant models. The articulated models come complete with removable dies and ditched margins.

Implant Soft Tissue Models

The soft tissue contours of the models are formed in the implant areas with a pink shaded silicone material. This is used to ensure that the emergence profile of the fixed abutments replicates natural tooth esthetics.

Master Models - Resin Printed

Upload your digital STL impressions to us and we will print precise 3D resin models. Choose semi-hollow resin printed models with a horseshoe, low profile, or full profile base.

Prosthetic Master Models

Send us your alginate or PVS impressions and we will produce dense stone master models. Our gypsum vacuum mixing equipment removes all bubbles for accurate anatomical models.

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