Bite Blocks

Use Bite Blocks to register jaw relationship records in edentulous and partial cases. The bite block base is available in acrylic, shellac or wax.

Custom Trays

Custom impression trays are available in acrylic or shellac. The closely adapted perforated tray allows for greater accuracy of models with consistent impression material thickness and border moulding. 

Master Models - Resin Printed

Upload your digital STL impressions to us and we will print precise 3D resin models. Choose semi-hollow resin printed models with a horseshoe, low profile, or full profile base.

Prosthetic Master Models

Send us your alginate or PVS impressions and we will produce dense stone master models. Our gypsum vacuum mixing equipment removes all bubbles for accurate anatomical models.

Relines and Repairs

Please provide the laboratory one impression with the prosthetic appliance in the mouth, and an additional impression with the denture out of the mouth. 

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