Crown & Bridge Models - Resin Printed

Transmit your digital impression scans to us and we will design and print accurate 3D resin Crown & Bridge models. The articulated models come complete with removable dies and ditched margins.

Diagnostic Wax-ups

Our CAD/CAM computerized wax-ups serve as an excellent diagnostic and patient communication tool. As well, this design may be used as a template for the temporary restoration matrix.

Master Models - Resin Printed

Upload your digital STL impressions to us and we will print precise 3D resin models. Choose semi-hollow resin printed models with a horseshoe, low profile, or full profile base.

Pinned Crown & Bridge Models

Our die-stone Crown & Bridge models are fabricated with removable, ditched dies. Select an adjustable articulator mounting for greater accuracy and functional occlusion.

Precision Attachments

Select attachments from a variety of options and brands. We will incorporate the attachments and provide precision milling into fixed/removable combination cases and coordinate to successful completion.

Prosthetic Master Models

Send us your alginate or PVS impressions and we will produce dense stone master models. Our gypsum vacuum mixing equipment removes all bubbles for accurate anatomical models.

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