October 12th, 2017 Sydney, Australia- A research done at the University of Sydney has found that chewing and biting is the cause of adult teeth breaking through the gums rather than an innate unknown force. The researchers used CT scan images of an 8 year old child's mandible to design a 3D model that could be used to observe the forces by the jaw when biting and chewing. The aim of the study was to show the stress dispersion within the jaw when a person bites and chews. Dr. Babak Sarrafpour an oral and maxillofacial pathologist and dentist at the University of Sydney said they designed the hard and soft tissues in the jaw and input the data they had about jaw movements into the software. They simulated both the back teeth and front teeth chewing and... Read More
October 6th, 2017 Vancouver, BC - Thanksgiving is celebrated every year in Canada on the second Monday in October, to celebrate the blessings of the past year and to look back on what we are thankful for. It is a time when many gather with friends and family to say goodbye to summer and enjoy the beginning of the fall season. Thanksgiving in Canada is held in October as it's origins are often associated with the celebration of a successful harvest and saying thanks to a bountiful season. Proclaimed by Parliament in 1879 as "a day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed." The first marked observance of Thanksgiving in Canada goes back to Martin Frobisher's 1578 voyage from England in... Read More
September 21st, 2017 Santiago, Chile- The Universidad de los Andes, in Santiago, Chile had received an increase in requests for dental treatments for children with disabilities so they decided to introduce animal-assisted therapy into their practice. Dr. Andrea Ormeño, director of the Care Patients with Disability Diploma at the Faculty of Dentistry spoke with Dental Tribune online to discuss how this new treatment method is helping improve the dental hygiene of some of their younger patients.  They decided to introduce the method about 5 years ago because of the demanding increase for dental treatment for kids with disabilities. Because this style of work is orientated to the children and their families in a regular dental practice it helps promote... Read More
September 19th, 2017 Vienna, Austria-  An Austrian start-up launched an automatic toothbrush called amabrush on Kickstarter that brushes teeth in just 10 seconds. It is led by a number of biotechnology engineers and health care visionaries. It seeks to revolutionise the toothbrushing routine by saving people time and money through providing them with an effective and easy-to-use device.The Amabrush has three components.The mouthpiece, the handpiece and the toothpaste capsules. The mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone and features 3-D arranged bristles on both sides to clean the teeth. It has built-in microchanelles that trsonport the toothpaste into the mouth. According to the start-up, these bristles are soft enough to prevent gum damage but... Read More
September 14th, 2017 USA- A pill called Gleevec helped turn a killer type of leukemia into a manageable disease is showing that it might also help slow down diabetes. In 2008 a study was done on diabetic mice and they were cured by the drug. A follow up to this study was done and a team reported modest effects in adults with type-1 diabetes. This type of diabetes is often referred to as juvenile diabetes and it is caused when the immune system mistakenly destroys insulin-producing cells called beta cells. Dr. Stephen Gitelman of the University of California San Franscisco School of Medicine said, tests that were done in 67 adults with type-1 diabetes showed that the drug appeared to boost their body's own production of insulin. He said that on... Read More
September 12th, 2017 Pennsylvania, USA- Researchers at the University of Pennslyvania have found that the oral microbiome is affected by diabetes, causing a shift to increase its pathogenicity. The research was published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe and it showed that the oral microbiome of mice with diabetes shifted and the change was associated with increased inflammation and bone loss.Dana Graves, senior author on the new study and vice dean of scholarship and research at Penn's School of Dental Medicine said that up until now there had been no concrete evidence that diabetes affects the oral microbiome and studies that had been done were not fully accurate. Four years ago, the European Federation of Periodontology and the American... Read More
September 7th, 2017 Seattle, USA: The University of Washington conducted a study that has suggested desentization programs, including repeated visits, could help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) receive neeeded dental care. The researchers look at the effectiveness of a dental desensitization protocol for children with ASD and determined characteristics associated with a successful examination.Dr. Travis Nelson, lead author of the study and clinical associate professor in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the university said that children with autism are less likely to receive dental care than their developing peers. In many cases, this is due to behavioral limitations. The researchers found that the majority of patients with autism in the... Read More
September 6th, 2017 USA- Poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath which most people are aware of, but not brushing your teeth could lead to more serious health issues. In 2010 researchers from New York University (NYU) discovered that there is a link between gum inflammation and Alzheimer's disease, after reviewing 20 years of data. The number of participants in the NYU study were fairly small. The researchers analyzed data from 152 participants that were enrolled in the Glostrop Aging Study. It looked at psychological, medical and oral health in Danish men and women. The study was done over a 20 year period and ended in 1984, when the participants were all over the age of 70. The NYU researchers found that... Read More
September 1st, 2017 Vancouver, BC - With Labour Day only a few days away, this Monday September 4th, Protec would like to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate our many hard-working employees who create quality products and provide a first class experience for our customers.Labour Day often signifies the end of the summer for many Canadians. It is typically the last day of holidays before heading back to school for those families with school-aged children and the last long-weekend of the summer. The new session of Canadian Parliament also begins after the holiday. But we must not forget that what has evolved into the last long weekend of the summer began as a working class demonstration.In Canada, Labour Day has its origins in the labour... Read More
August 29th, 2017 Winnipeg, Canada-Artificial sweetener has been thought of as a perfect replacement for anyone looking to cut back on real sugars. Sugar-free drinks have supposedly allowed people to have their cake and eat it too. However, according to a recent study released by the Canadian Medical Association, it may not be a healthy alternative after all.Researchers from the University of Manitoba's George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation wanted to better understand if there were negative long-term effects on weight gain and heart disease in people who used artificial sweeteners. The study that they did reviewed 37 studies that followed over 400,000 people for an average of 10 years where 7 of the studies were randomized controlled trials... Read More


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