Things To Do For A More Productive Morning

Things To Do For A More Productive Morning

USA- We always strive for a great start to our mornings. You don't hit snooze too many times, your workout goes well, there is no traffic on the way to your office and your coffee tastes amazing, and once you have arrived to work it seems you have conquered the universe. Not all days are the same of course. Of course, you can prevent what might happen in the morning, experts say there are some things you can do to steer you in the right direction for the next morning and to make the most of out of your day. If you start your day with energy it will last through the day explains productivity expert and coach Ellen Goodwin. Small wins like having your outfit for the next day ready to go, it makes you want to get more small wins and successes through your day. Starting the morning off on the wrong foot will definitely set you back, this means whatever energy you had, will be used on that emotional state. You will have to focus on how you can keep yourself calm, or remind yourself how you stayed call last time you had a traffic or public transportation nightmare.

There is only so much energy to give at a certain time, energy equals power, so if you are dwelling on how your morning went terrible, it can affect you at work and even with your family. There are also some physiological reasons you're doing your body good when your morning goes well, the body has a natural clock known as the circadian rhythm which runs roughly 24 hours with the help of the environment, such as exercise, light and darkness to help you regulate your sleep, metabolism, energy levels and body functions. Making the choice to have an early workout or stay in bed a little bit longer can make or break your clock and whether you are running in time says Namni Goel, Ph.D., a research associate professor in psychiatry in University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine. He explains mornings are very important to him, it sets the tone for the whole day and your short and long-term goals. Goodwin and Goel say there are a few things you can do to make your day better. Planning ahead is one of the best things you can do to help start off your day right, this includes planning your day the night before, no need to create an itinerary but it would be good to know what major tasks you want to accomplish for the next day and how you will spend those first few hours of the day.

You can prepare your outfit for the next day as well as making sure you have a breakfast ready to go, or have the essential ingredients for your breakfast, things that will get you out the door without adding any stress to your daily life will empower you for the rest of the day. Try not to hit snooze too many times, giving yourself those extra minutes may seem like you are helping your body, however, you might be doing more harm as those extra minutes of sleep don't tend to be of the highest quality. Going to bed and waking up in the morning at the same time every day is the best way to maintain your circadian rhythm running in top shape. The circadian rhythm plays a big part in how we maintain levels of energy and how we maintain our metabolism, maintaining a good schedule is the best thing we can do. Staying hydrated is also important, adding cucumber or lemon to your water helps give it an extra flavour boost, as we get dehydrated overnight, especially if you tend to have late night bathroom trips often, Goel says having one or two glasses of water as soon as you wake up will help your body rehydrate, as a bonus, it kick starts your metabolism. It might be useful to do some meditating before bed, you might find you are more in touch with yourself, explains Goodwin.

Since meditating helps to think clearer, it might also help you have a more productive day. A way to quiet down your brain before bed is to try journaling or colouring, Goodwin says both of these activities act as meditation in the sense that it calms you down, and it slows down and focuses your thinking on being more creative. If you can get the energy to exercise first thing in the morning, you will realize how rewarding it can be. endorphins can reduce the stress hormones, which will help you start your day in control. Try working out outside in the sun, having sunlight first thing in the morning triggers your body to know that is time to start your day. Having a cup of coffee at home will also start your day off on the right foot. Goel says there is a lot of data that shows coffee will make you feel more alert and less groggy, though coffee does seem to have a bad rep, there are proven benefits if you take it in moderation. Plus having a cup of coffee at home can save you up to $500 per year, or even $1,300 a year if you prefer a $5 latte. Pair your coffee with breakfast, as food will also give you that energy boost you need and kicks your metabolism into gear earlier in the day which is a lot better for you as it will turn those calories into energy which you will use in the morning. Although data is unclear, some experts say skipping breakfast leads to overeating later in the day.  Try to have your breakfast within 2 hours of waking up, including some protein and healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains or fruits in your breakfast will assure you to skip that sugar-packed donut in the morning.

Lastly, Goodwin adds, is great to spend time with family and friends, having breakfast with your family, or calling your best friend who always makes you smile before walking into the office will ensure your morning is off to a great start.

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