Seven reasons why strength training builds more than muscle

Seven reasons why strength training builds more than muscle

USA- If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone and make that extra push-up or bicep curl happen? Not only will this increase your metabolism and bulk you up, you will also enjoy the benefits that come with strength training. 

Yoga is not the only way to improve and strengthen your inner self, studies found that both resistance training and yoga improve your mental health and wellbeing.  Each group showed less signs of depression and they were also very happy with what they saw in the mirror.  Jeffrey A. Katula, PhD, associate professor of health and exercise science at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina says that everyone is well aware that working out improves mood.  Resistance training also provides a little something more of an emotional response to some people. 

Below are seven reasons to strength train that will benefit your body and mind.

1. You will feel stronger. 

You will be proud when you move on from a fifteen pounder to a twenty pounder.  It’s an amazing feeling when you graduate from lifting 10-pounders to 15-pounders.  James Whitworth, a doctoral research fellow in the Biobehavioral Resistance Training Lab at Columbia’s Teachers College in New York City says once you get comfortable with what you are doing you start to feel confident and you can feel your self steem growing, as well as you can feel yourself becoming stronger.  Research done on obsese adolescents showed that strength training over aerobic exercise showed higher self esteem, the adolescents also felt stronger, even though they were not necessarily bulking up, just feeling stronger gave them a huge boost. 

2. You will see improvements.

Looking for quick results? strength training can give you quick results after one session.  You can feel your muscles got the work out if you try to flex them! Katula explains, that an individual whose main form of fitness is just walking will see the effects of their work in a longer period of time, but it will only take a couple of strength training sessions for you to notice the muscle definition upon flexing. 

3.Your brain also benefits from your new found strength. 

Research shows strength training can also improve your conginitive thinking, and potentially know if you can avoid Dementia later in your lifetime. There is lots of studies out there that report difference between cardio and strength training, one Italian study found that seniors who participated in a 12 week strength training improved their practical skills and those who did cardio sessions saw improvement on their analytical skills.  These are all impressive and interesting studies, however researches are still working on finding out the reasons behind it. 

4. You will feel invincible.

When Katula initially started his research on seniors and their quality of life and how strength training could improve their overall wellbeing, he found that none of them have ever used a dumbbell in their life. Katula said they had to learn how to properly use the machines and lift weights.  One of the woman part of this research was convinced she could not use the leg press machine, however Katula convinced her to give it a try and she was able to do ten reps at fifty pound each. Katula remembers watching her grow two inches tall just for the sense of accomplishment.

5. You will listen to your body.

Feeling sore after your strength session? don't be discouraged, this means you had a great work out and its only going to make you stronger.  Once you get used to the feeling you will notice that you have done something great for your body and you will look forward to soreness and tiredness that came with your workout explains John Spence, PhD, professor of physical education and recreation at the University of Alberta in Canada who writes about the effects of exercise and the effects it has on your self esteem. 

6. Daily struggles will be a thing of the past.  

Whitworth says, chances of you worrying about your 'to do list' while you are trying to finish your reps will be a thing of the past.  You will most likely be focusing on the rep and the exercise at hand rather then worrying about what you need from the grocery store.

7. No longer obsessing about what the scale tells you. 

Lisette Cifaldi, director of behavioral health at Hilton Head Health weight loss resort  suggest that instead of focusing on a weight loss goal or number, set your scale aside, instead set a goal for strength training.  Cifaldi adds that this will shift your perspective on how you achieve happiness.  You will notice that you will more successful and powerful from how strong you feel, rather then a number on the scale. 

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