Protec Wishes You a Wonderful Easter Weekend!

Protec Wishes You a Wonderful Easter Weekend!

Vancouver, BC - Good Friday is always the Friday before Easter Sunday, which is the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring; therefore, Easter can occur as early as March 22 and as late as April 25. This year Good Friday will be on March 30 and Easter Sunday will take place on April 1. The significance of these two days are deeply rooted in the Christian faith, with Good Friday commemorating the day of Jesus Christ's death and Easter Sunday being the day of his ressurection. Even so, Easter is not only a significant day for those of Christain faith but for people of many different denominations all over the world. Easter often marks the first gathering of friends and family for the spring season. 

Overtime Easter has evolved and with it have come new traditions. One of the most eagerly anticipated of these new traditions to arise in the past few centuries is the Easter Egg hunt which is celebrated by many throughout the world. Every year the Easter Bunny, which was first depicted in 1682 among German Lutherans, leaves painted eggs for deserving children. With Spring often being seen as the time of year that brings with it new life and renewal for many, both the egg and rabbit have come to symbolize this time. The rabbit is known to be an ancient symbol of fertility and life because of their frequent multiple births while the egg is said to be the seed of all life.

We here at Protec are looking forward to searching for our own hidden treasures with friends and family over the Easter weekend!

Protec Dental Laboratories will be closed Friday, March 30 to enjoy the Easter weekend celebrations! We will be back to work on Monday April 2 ready, excited and probably a little sweeter! From all the staff here at Protec Dental we want to wish all of you a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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