One Third of Millennials Only Brush Their Teeth Once a Day

One Third of Millennials Only Brush Their Teeth Once a Day

USA- Morning breath is lasting longer than just in the morning for some millennials. New research is showing that more young Americans don't clean their teeth regularly. Studies show that about 2,000 young Americans only brush their teeth once a day. The survey showed that the average millennial goes more than two days without brushing their teeth once. Their lack of hygiene has them worried that they will lose their teeth, about 56 percent of them feared losing their teeth. About 22 percent avoid a trip to the dentist, for reasons as simple as not liking the taste of the products being used. This research was produced by Hello Products, a natural and friendly oral care startup. They explain that is not the only reason millennials avoid the dentist. About 62 percent of adult Americans are scared of visiting the dentist office. Millennials being amongst those who are presumably afraid of the dentists more than other age groups.

There is a big percentage of people who are afraid of visiting the dentist, more so than 26 percent being afraid of a surgeon and 9 percent being afraid of a neurologist. Many people would rather be in a public speaking situation rather than sitting in the dentist chair. About 2,000 people bring this fear with them since they were young. Many reported their fear of dentists as early as the age of 10, some even earlier, with the average age of 15 years old for the fear of dentists to first appear. Some scenarios of things millennials would rather do instead of undergoing a dental procedure were having to do an entire day of work, 33 percent would rather abstain from sex for one month, and 19 percent would rather speak to a huge crowd.

Among the people who took this survey who were 55 years or older do not like visiting the dentist's office, out of that 27 percent of millennials feel the same.  People associate many scary things with dentists, some people worry anesthetics won't work as they should, some don't like the noise all the dental drills produce, the fear of pain during and after each treatment. The survey results showed that about 50 percent of millennials will make up any excuse in order to miss a dentist appointment, compared to the 36 percent of people of 55 years old who do the same. Founder of Hello Products, Craig Dubitsky says is very important to maintain good mouth care, this includes using good and effective oral health products, while knowing that obtaining professional dental health is still important, and they understand that visiting the dentist is not a great experience for people, they hope that their products can make the experience a more friendly one for the whole family.

Some of the people that were part of this survey have reported that over time, their fear of dentists has become less and less, which shows they are trying to get over their fear for dentists. Half of this group wish the cost of oral health care product was more affordable, as well wishing the products tasted better but were still an effective product. Other than keeping your teeth white and bad breath prevention, visiting the dentist has its advantages says  California based dentist, Dr. Lawrence Fung, DDS, founder of Silicon Beach Dental, there is research linked to good health and oral health together. If going to the dentist is a scary thought, there are things you can do. You can read dentists bio, ask for a quick tour of the office to make sure that this dentist takes dedication into making sure the experience is a safe and welcoming one for you. The flavour of the products used is very important in creating good habits, as well as dentist check-ups. If you give the patient the opportunity to take control of their oral health is more likely that they will keep their dentist appointment. 





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