Medi Could Become Part of the Everyday Dental Team

Medi Could Become Part of the Everyday Dental Team

Rahway, USA - MEDi is an innovative robotic pain management tool that was developed to reduce the pain perception of children undergoing medical procedures. It has already been shown to improve patient outcomes in hospitals and is now being tested for use in pediatric dental practice. 

Results from a randomized trial, published in the June 2013 issue of the Vaccine journal, showed that MEDi helped calm children and reduce their pain by 50 percent during medical procedures, such as vaccinations, using cognitive-behavioral intervention. Comparable results are now being gathered by the Olin Dental Group, a dental office in New Jersey.

Dr. Richard Olin joined the project after consultation with Mark Williams, President and CEO of RxRobots, and MEDi inventor Dr. Tanya Beran, professor at the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary and Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of RxRobots. "We agreed that MEDi was perfectly suited for integrating his skills into the pediatric dental setting. The reduction of children's fear and pain perception is a primary goal of every pediatric and general dentist in the world," stated Olin.

Olin's team has been utilizing MEDi for about five months now and reports overall positive experiences. "MEDi is constantly in the active mode allowing children to interact with him immediately and continually upon entering the dental operatory. MEDi distracts the children, reducing their initial anxiety and fear. They listen to the MEDi's instructions, which allows the rest of the dental team to move forward faster and more seamlessly with their work with a more compliant patient," Olin said.

The Olin Dental Group practice team also saw two new families join the office as a result of the opportunity for their children to interact with the robot. Olin explained: "Through the proper utilization of social media in particular, the families of the surrounding communities will become new patients. Families will be attracted to MEDi because pain and anxiety reduction is of utmost importance for any parent looking for a dentist."

Despite the relatively high asset costs of about $15,000, Olin would recommend investing in this technology to other pediatric dentists. "MEDi represents the future of robotic technology and is a first for dentistry; it will reduce the dentist's and dental team’s daily stress through easier, more cooperative dental visits with their pediatric patients. MEDi will become an essential part of the dental team of every dental office eventually."

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