How Employees Manage Stress at Work

How Employees Manage Stress at Work

USA- Being self efficient  is how we perceive ourselves when achieving a goal.  This is important in how we manage ourselves at work, as this influences our personal achievements, fulfilment and motivation in the work place. 

Usually being self efficient has only been linked to work tasks but not with other personal and interpersonal relations as well as emotional aspects. 

This new research was developed and aimed to assess the people's ability in managing assignments, as well as negative emotions while still maintaining assertiveness and empathy.  Research was done by the University of East Anglia's (UEA) Norwich Business School, the Department of Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome, Uninettuno Telematic International University, and the Centre for Advances in Behavioural Science at Coventry University.

Two studies involving 2892 Italian employees gave some evidence that there is some added value to a more wide-ranging assessment of being self efficient at work. They also suggested this would be practical when doing recruitment, career development and training new employees, as well as management and staff. 

The research found in the Journal of Vocational Behaviour mentions employees who believe themselves to be self efficient were more likely to perform and fill their goals effectively and will most likely act more professional at work. Those who were in control of their negative emotions  in stressful situations were also believed to be more self efficient.  They also tended to report more empathy, and likely to do more than expected for their colleagues.  They also mentioned having less negative thoughts and emotions pertaining to their work.

Employees showed more assertiveness when in came to voicing their ideas at work, this proved them to be less efficient when came to also speaking up for their rights.  Co-author Dr Roberta Fida, lecturer in organizational behaviour at Norwich Business School, said this could be considered dangerous for an organization. 

This research proved that it was important to keep in mind the beliefs and relationships that were exhibited by those who were self efficient. This also shows their ability to deal with challenging expectations that might arise. Additional findings showed people were able to remove themselves from elements that were unknown or difficult.

Research showed that employees who were self efficient showed less counterproductive behaviour at work.  They had high self efficiency in completing tasks.  In fact, those who were willing to go further to help co workers were also the ones showing more benefits of well being. Those who  had less tasked jobs, showed less emotions and less self efficiency. 

Employees who were more self efficient see themselves more capable at managing negative and stressful situations, the sympathize with other employees needs and will often speak up for them, while they perform well, they often suffer when it comes to their wellbeing.

With Human Resources and Management you can gain a better understanding of employees over the time they spend with a company or career. You can also observe their beliefs with respect to their own capabilities, says Dr. Fida

I can also be a useful tool in the recruitment process as it could provide some information relevant to how the work and environment and employee will fit together. 

This can also aid in jobs that required or were given less training in, it can show the competencies of an employee and will provide information on their career development, training and counseling. 

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