Happy Labour Day!

Happy Labour Day!

Vancouver, BC - With Labour Day only a few days away, this Monday September 4th, Protec would like to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate our many hard-working employees who create quality products and provide a first class experience for our customers.

Labour Day often signifies the end of the summer for many Canadians. It is typically the last day of holidays before heading back to school for those families with school-aged children and the last long-weekend of the summer. The new session of Canadian Parliament also begins after the holiday. But we must not forget that what has evolved into the last long weekend of the summer began as a working class demonstration.

In Canada, Labour Day has its origins in the labour movement and can be traced back to the late 1800's when unions were deemed illegal and workers feared losing their jobs should they speak out against their employers poor treatment. In 1872, roughly 2,000 printshop workers from Toronto took a stand and went on strike to fight for their rights as workers, despite the risks. As a sign of support 8,000 citizens joined as they marched through the city, asking for shorter working hours and better working conditions. Prime Minister John A. MacDonald took notice and repealed the law making unions illegal by passing the Trade Union Act; thus allowing Canadian workers to fight for their rights without fear of being arrested. The parade which started as a sign of support to the striking workers became an annual celebration of the fight for workers' rights. On July 23, 1894, after much pressure from the public,Canadian Prime Minister John Thompson made Labour Day a national holiday.

In celebration, Protec Dental Laboratories will be closed Monday, September 4th and we will return on Tuesday, September 5th. From all of us here at Protec, we wish you a safe and happy Labour Day!

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