Austrian Start-Up Launches an Automatic Toothbrush That Aims To Revolutionise Toothbrushing Routine

Austrian Start-Up Launches an Automatic Toothbrush That Aims To Revolutionise Toothbrushing Routine

Vienna, Austria-  An Austrian start-up launched an automatic toothbrush called amabrush on Kickstarter that brushes teeth in just 10 seconds. It is led by a number of biotechnology engineers and health care visionaries. It seeks to revolutionise the toothbrushing routine by saving people time and money through providing them with an effective and easy-to-use device.

The Amabrush has three components.The mouthpiece, the handpiece and the toothpaste capsules. The mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone and features 3-D arranged bristles on both sides to clean the teeth. It has built-in microchanelles that trsonport the toothpaste into the mouth. According to the start-up, these bristles are soft enough to prevent gum damage but strong enough to clean your teeth. The mouthpiece should be replaced every three to six months just as a regualr toothbrush would be. A single mouthpiece will cost €6.

The handpiece has strong vibrations with an amplitude of 9.5 G to oscillate the bristles. A built-in algorithm generates different vibrations which coordinates movement of the bristles and they are designed to have different resonant frequencies. The Amabrush can brush all teeth in just 10 seconds and this also ensures that every tooth surface is brushed eight times longer than with a regular toothbrush.

Founder and CEO Marvin Musialek said that they came up with the idea of an automated toothbrush because they were annoyed by brushing their teeth. They didn't find standing in front of the mirror for at least two minutes a day satisfying. He says that Amabrush is a true game changer since the toothbrush itself.

The project was brought to life with the help of mechanical engineer Martin Forstenpointner, biomedical engineer Alexander Stummer and dentist Dr Hady Haririan.

The Kickstarter campaign goal of €50,000 was reached within 1 hour of the official launch. Right now more than 14,980 supporters have funded the project by donating over €1,759,400 in total. The company plans to start shipping the Amabrush in December.

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