Leading the Digital Revolution by Investing in state-of-the-art New Technologies!

New Technology

Protec has integrated Digital Workflow Solutions to accept your Digital Impression Files, and produce CAD/CAM restorations, appliances, and models.

Laboratory Desktop Scanners

Our desktop digital scanners take the laboratory to new productivity levels with high resolution 5.0 megapixel cameras and red laser technology. Combining accuracy and speed, our scanners wield the market's most advanced 3D scanning technologies to offer you consistent, accurate, and reliable results. 

Digital IOS Copy Denture

Use your Favorite IntraOral Scanner to Capture Records and export them
to the Laboratory for Duplication.
The Denture Scan Files are loaded into Design Software to follow a Digital Workflow. 







Medit - Copy Denture

Workflow - Video

Itero - Copy Denture

Workflow - Video

 Trios - Copy Denture

Workflow - Video

Trios - Copy Denture

Workflow - PDF


Trios - Copy Denture

Workflow - Video



Impression Scanners

Today, intraoral impression scanners are one of the most exciting new technologies in dentistry. They enable the dentist to take a 3D digital scan of the patient's teeth and bite, make adjustments, and electronically transmit the file to the laboratory. Protec now accepts digital impression scans from most systems including Medit i700Medit i500, 3Shape TRIOS 3Dentsply Sirona Omnicam iTero Element, Dentsply Sirona Primescan, 3M True Definition, E4D PlanScan, and Carestream CS 3500 .

For more information on these scanners, click here.

3D Printers

Protec utilizes a variety of 3D printers to produce quality, high-resolution restoration patterns and models. We print a range of resin materials with varying properties such as translucency, tensile strength, and color. The results are exceptionally accurate and detailed, enabling us to offer our clients a complete digital workflow solution.

Milling Machines

Protec's digital milling machines are designed to streamline the production process and deliver precision results. A digital design file of the restoration or abutment is sent to the mill, and then milled from a solid block of zirconia, lithium discilicate, PMMA, or titanium. From there, the restoration is fit and finished by a dental technician.

CAD Design Software

Protec is fully integrated with computer aided design and digital workflow solutions in all departments. Our new CADCAM manufacturing allow us to optimize our workflow for perfect tooth anatomy and standardized consistent quality. These new tools have improved communication between the laboratory and the dentist resulting in increased effiency.

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